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"Eh, Constance, you know if you keep making that face, it will stay that way?"


"Oops! Too late!"


HB/Drill from The Worst Witch 


Constance Hardbroom and Minerva McGonagall are members of the same bun club probably 


Drill/Hardbroom: behind the scenes?

When I had read about Kate Duchêne did not want to play Constance Hardbroom more (The New Worst Witch), the only thing I thought about was - it was not because she wanted to stop, it was because she did not want to be H.B. without Claire Porter as Imogen Drill. (Yes, my instant ID/H.B. thoughts).

Then I had read this…
Kate: “In answer to your question yes, I was asked to do Miss Hardbroom for the new series but I was doing a different job and I didn’t really want to, I loved it don’t get me wrong but I did it for three years which is quite a long time, you can’t do the same part for too long or you forget who you are (not really it just gets a bit predictable) better to stop while you still enjoy it.”

"…or you forget who you are" = *Damn, I am a non-witch and not a males-hater, nothing happened between me and Claire in reality, I have a husband… I need to stop Immediately.*

Also, she had not children until 2006 (TWW run for 3 years, 1998 - 2001).

IMHO, but maybe…


Bea Arthur in Amanda’s, episode 2, 1983 (by me).

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Bea Arthur in Amanda’s, episode 2, 1983 (by me).

[not exactly]
"Are you a lesbian?"
"I am a lesbian since the day I met you."

This smile (and Imogen herself) ♥♥♥.

See #ID HB for more.

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